Promises in Action Foundation

Who we Are


Promises in Action Foundation

Who are we

We are a nonprofit organization with the purpose of bringing God’s kingdom to earth, throughout good acts of helping the ones in need. We not only bless the Christian community, but we also bless the ones who don’t know about God’s word so we can gain their souls for Jesus Christ.

Our history

Our vision started 23 years ago, when our founder Sonia was in at Christian retreat spending time God. She received a call of God concerning this foundation. At that moment, she was going through a lot of trials, and she couldn’t even understand how she was going to put the foundation together. But something she noticed was, even though she was going through struggles, God was still showing his compassion and his hand through many blessings. She experienced many unexplainable miracles in her life. Furthermore, her faith kept growing stronger and she realized that there’s nothing impossible for God.

In 2020, during COVID, was when this foundation Promises in Action was finally launched with the help of her husband Kevin and her friend Ana.

Our Founders

Sonia y Kevin Rank


Ana Suazo y Edward Ramirez

Assistant and collaborator


Work together with churches, leaders, providing necessities such as: Food, Medical prescriptions, contributions of payments towards rent, home repairs, wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, clothes, pampers for kids and adults, school supplies and bibles.

To form a team that can guarantee the values of our organization. Bring medical campaigns to low-income communities.

In addition, we want to use social media, radio, and TV programs, to promote our organization with the goal of reaching out to others so they can join our community and support the ones in need.

We want to reach churches and commercial businesses with the goal of collaboration to bring this mission to life. Working in unity with churches along with their team, will be part of this organization representing us no matter the country you are in.


Our vision consists of helping the church, train leaders, help families by providing them food, bibles, clothing, medicines, building their home, education, and other important necessities.



Our team must act with integrity. You should do what is right, and respect other’s people interest, with the capacity of balancing respect, responsibility and at the same time share the value with others.


Work with discipline, dedication, love, to fulfill our responsibilities.


Knowing the importance of fulfilling the promises of the organization to those in need is part of our commitment. Applying the capacities for the purpose of getting the vision and mission out to the community.


Work with love, by reminding ourselves that we are here to bless the life on the ones in need, so they can feel the love of Christ through us reflected in every action we make.


Be part of our foundation and let's change the lives of families